Why Build with a Private Builder?

July 10, 2018

When you’re looking for a builder to turn your home or business dream into reality it’s easy to feel swamped with the many choices of companies. There are pros and cons to hiring private builders and larger construction companies – all depending on what you’re after. We’ve put together our favourite reasons to why people choose to go with a private builder for their projects – be it building a new home, renovating an old one, or adding a seamless extension.

What is a private builder?

A private builder is a smaller, independent contractor who’s in the business because of a passion for construction. It could be a small family-run business specialising in creating a specific type of houses, extensions, renovations and more, or a private contractor who feels their skills are best put to use without the supervision of a larger company. Private builders are often from or live in the local area. They’ll have close ties with their subcontractors who similarly might be private contractors. If you find a private builder who’s built homes in the past like the result you’re after, chances are they can help you get it, too.

A private builder will listen to you

A successful custom home building process lies in the communication. Rather than speaking to sales agents you’ll chat with the actual private builder. Expensive changes late in the building process are usually due to a miscommunication between the builder and the client. In return, going with a private builder might mean that you are more active in the building process, for the private builder to build your dream home. They won’t make the choices for you – but can offer expert suggestions if you find yourself lost – all suited to your style preferences and budget.

Granting you the ability to customise your home or business

A private custom builder can grant you a much higher degree of freedom when it comes to designing and fitting out your home than larger project building companies. Perhaps you’re not fussed about floors and are happy to save money by choosing a budget option, but you want to splash out on panoramic windows? Perhaps you’re happy with Ikea kitchen cabinets – but you want to spare no expensive on your appliances? Perhaps you want to spare no expense at all when building your forever-home. A private builder can work with you to make it happen.

Because private builders tailor-make homes to suit their owners, they can work with their clients to find ways to suit luxury additions into a smaller budget. Private builders will know how to save money without it affecting the overall look of the house. Got a stunning piece of land on an unconventional slanting angle? A private builder can account for that in the budgeting and building process. Project builders on the other hand will have a limited amount of designs available to you, all fitted nicely within different budget brackets which is often unavailable to owners of unconventional plots of land that might need a little more work. If you want a bespoke home designed to facilitate your way of life, your best option is to chat to a private builder about your style, functionality needs, budget, and land preferences.

Taking on your home building process as if it were their own

A private builder has your best interest at heart. Both they and you take a more active part in the building process. Private builders are part in every part of the process, ensuring quality of workmanship is upheld and the budget is kept, as well as ensuring a faster turnaround time, too.